Walk on the walls and spit acid on your opponents in chaotic online multiplayer battles!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the game has notable performance issues when the number of players is high (especially on Firefox, prefer using Chrome or Chromium).


  • This is my entry for the Multiplayer Madness Jam by Hathora
  • Play as an alien (from the kind named Ku'doh), and spit acid on your fellows in online multiplayer battles.
  • Simple and uncommon game-play: you can stick and walk on any wall or ceiling!
  • Automatic match making (up to 10 players per server), hosted by Hathora.



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I really like the game. It's simple and if you like tryhard, it's  a good game.

I did not quite understand why we have some much health. The launcher seems to do 4 hearts so it always kills you in 3 shots.

Thanks for your kind comment.

The launcher deals splash damage, so it can actually deal from 1 to 4 damage depending on the distance.

I intentionally make sure that a player cannot be killed in less than 3 shoots, otherwise when many players are shooting simultaneously in chaotic fights, a player could die way too fast (and it's quite frustrating).